Bajaj Qute: The Game Changer!

Bajaj is a company that not only dominates the three wheeler market but also has a remarkable presence in the two wheeler industry! In 2012, Bajaj auto unveiled its Quadricycle in Auto Expo Delhi; a vehicle which Bajaj calls an “Urban Mobility Solution”. The Bajaj Qute is not a car, it’s a quadricycle. A futuristic vehicle that can replace big taxicabs and three-wheelers in our country and make it a safer and greener place to live in.


The Bajaj Qute is for a specific audience, it is not a 4-wheeler that will be sold to everyone but is targeted for commercial public transport i.e. all cab service aggregators, individual cab drivers and rickshaw-walas who are looking for a four-wheeler upgrade.


What is Qute?

A 4-wheeler with the potential to solve urban issues viz. pollution, congestion, road safety etc. and make commuting safer and the city greener.


It can accommodate 1-driver plus 3-passengers, it is under 3 meters in length, which is almost the size of an auto-rickshaw.


Technical specs:

It has a 216.6cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine with a fuel injection system that churns out 13.2PS of power. Its speed is restricted at 70km/hr since it needs to meet government regulations for maximum allowed speed as a commercial passenger vehicle. That engine is mated to a 5 speed sequential (works like motorcycle) gearbox with a reverse gear. Weighing 450Kgs, the Qute returns a fuel efficiency of 36km/L. The Qute will be available in CNG & LPG variants, so drivers won’t suffer from the lack of availability and cost of fuel.


With a 1925mm wheelbase, an anti-roll bar and a turning radius of 3.5m, the Qute is agile and able to take on the sharpest turns without capsizing. These feature make the Qute road-worthy not on the main road but also in every “gali and mohalla” (streets). Parking too is not a problem, owing to it being so compact! Its styling and monocoque construction affords this quadricycle good space management and safety.


When was the last time you sat in an auto rickshaw during the monsoons and got out fully dry? The Qute has 4 doors, which will not only protect you from the rains but in the event of a side impact, it greatly increases your chances of getting away with fewer injuries. The doors also enhance passenger safety, as people won’t be able to sit inside with their knees jutting out.


Why Qute?

The Qute is made in India and is exported to over 14 countries. It not only comes with an affordable price tag but also gives you a peace of mind ownership experience, which means even a cab driver or a rickshaw driver in India can afford to own one and make better profits with better savings.


With its smaller dimensions and weight, the Bajaj made Qute fits all our government policies for a passenger/commercial vehicle, which is why our government has allowed Bajaj to export it.


Do we need Qute on Indian Roads?

Only one word… Yes!


The Qute is not your conventional 4-wheeler; it’s a quadricycle which is greener, safer, cheaper, and the future of commercial transportation. A transportation vehicle that saves you from the rain, cold and fatal injuries plus it won’t burn a big hole in your pocket!


As an alternative to taxicabs and the commercial three wheeler market, the Qute not only will ease environmental issues in the city for the general public but will also make life easier for those who making a living on commercial urban transport.


Safer and better transportation is the need of hour in India. With the people’s mindset shifting from being money oriented to prioritizing safety, the  environment and their lives; India needs this kind of ultra-smooth solution to ease all its commuting woes.


So what’s stopping the Qute from coming to India?

As you have read, the Qute is a smart solution; which can change India’s urban public commuting condition for the better. Why then is it not being sold in India?


The Qute is the future and the future is all about change! A change which makes an impact on a large scale; and history bears witness that people naturally resist change even when it is for the greater good. So people have raised concern over its safety and other matters like rickshaw drivers losing their jobs! As of now, the case is in Court and Bajaj is waiting the court’s decision to sell the Qute in India! In addition to that, when a leading 3-wheeler manufacturer company like Bajaj enters in market with a revolutionary public transport model; there naturally is a feeling of insecurity among its competitors which further worsens the uncongenial atmosphere for the Qute in India.


But technically,

  • Seatbelts and doors means better safety compared to rickshaws
  • Four wheels means better stability, better braking and better traction
  • Lesser weight means lower carbon emissions
  • More mileage means more profits
  • A compact size means more space on the road and better maneuverability
  • Bajaj means good after sales support and peace of mind ownership
  • A cheaper price tag means a better opportunity for drivers to have their own vehicle


So, what can we do to make Qute sell in India?

Well, for starters you can click on the given link given below and support the #FreeTheQute campaign! Hopefully we shall see the Qute in the market soon and benefit from travelling around in this cost-effective public urban commuting model.

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