Intex 11000mAh Power Bank:Review

At AutoLogyGeeks we took a look at Intex ITPB11K power bank. It’s one of the most famous Power Banks in India as it’s been here in Indian market since quite a lot time and is really a value for money product at an affordable price point. Looking at the specifications, it has 11,000 mAh of…

Blue Snowball iCE Microphone Review!

We finally got a microphone for upcoming YouTube videos to improve sound quality! Checkout its review on YouTube! Don’t forget to drop a like and Subscribe to our channel..

Android Auto App Review| Your Head Unit In Your Pocket

We paid a visit to Google’s Android Auto Application and we realy liked it. It needs somw improvements and fixes, but overall it’s really good for consumer side! Check our review on Youtube below! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

OnePlus One Revisited:2016

In autologygeeks, we paid a revisit to the original flagship killer the OnePlus one! A phone that came in 2014, gave great flagship specs at affordable range. So how reliable did the Chinese brand remain? Check out down here: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:

Moto G4 Plus: Review

In April 1973 Motorola came with the first portable handheld mobile phone in the world. That was a revolution in world of communication! However company started struggling in EARLY 2010s. When android market was growing so fast; this brand was not able to withstand in that storm. But sun always rises after night, and Motorola…

OnePlus X: Review

After the launch of the original flagship killer OnePlus One in 2014, OnePlus again launched a 2015 flagship killer named the OnePlus Two with higher specs and more performance on board again at a reasonable price range. Getting good response and sales, OnePlus now tried to deliver a mid-range phone that offers looks, performance and…