Why Branded Phones Are Expensive

Money”- too hard to earn and much easier to spend all at once. After the invention of smartphones; fight for better quality of materials, feel, speed, connectivity, camera quality, productivity is going on and on! So should you invest your hard earned money to branded smartphones or should you buy a cheaper and same spec smartphone which will at least satisfies your all your basic requirements? Normally in market, when a new product is introduced, price will remain high; eventually price goes down as competition is growing and that technology becomes easily available. Then what is wrong with our phones, which is may be being used by you right now to read this article?

Technically, buying a branded phone is not just to show off symbol or status that you can own an expensive thing, but it has so many things going behind it. Let’s see why our so called ‘branded’ smartphones are so expensive!

Research and development: We might think that companies just upgrade the specs and throw new models every year, right? No! Companies spend a lot of money to develop new things, which will fight against their competition. Minimizing phone’s thickness, giving better and more power hardware with longer battery life is a tough job!

Hardware innovation: From previous complaints of customers about build quality and minor problems in hardware, they have to develop new composite materials and test them under various circumstances which may occur in day to day life with their consumers. Speakers should be in front or rear, how many megapixel camera, which resolution for screen, etc. should be handled by them plus aesthetics should be there.

Software: Giving a super-fast hardware won’t work here, small animations like when you scroll through menu, app opening and closing functions should run butter smooth! A unique touch by company has to be there to make you remember that you are using an expensive user friendly device. Sometimes a whole new platform has to be created for that!

Optimization: The most important aspect behind the performance is the better optimization of hardware and software together to give user a spectacular experience. A cheap $350 smartphone can offer you 4 to 6 GB of RAM, but ‘un’-optimized! So when you buy premium phones, they might come with lesser RAM or hardware, but they’ll perform better than those cheaper phones as their software and hardware is optimized and tested many times to give glitch free experience. Gaming, rendering and other stuff will run faster than 6 Gb Chinese phone.

Updates: Not only hardware and materials, brands throw software and security updates, too; to make customers happy. So to run those updates even after 2-3 years, your mobile was made with that expensive hardware to withstand those advancements. Plus, to solve bugs continuously, a team is working behind those problems.

Camera: Putting better sensor than others and giving wider apertures for better low light photography is a challenge. Selfie lovers want wide angle lens on the front with high quality image output, flashes are made to make photos look natural, requires some time and research.

Audio: Giving best speakers is not the task, placing them at perfect place is. Higher quality and loud output speakers eat a lot of battery; to avoid it proper settings are needed.

Screens: Branded flagships offers better screens with high pixel densities and better screen resolutions. Some of them even comes with 4K resolution which is crazy!

Advertisements: You can see their ads all over the places, to show off and get more customers, companies have to develop and spread new ads to every corners of the World. Ultimately you are paying for all their ads!

After sales: Buy any cheap Chinese phone and if you are unlucky enough, you will have to contact their service centers and after sales managers. At that time, you’ll understand the real value of your phone.

Investments: When company is coming with a whole new product in market, it is having risk in every aspect, so making phones expensive to come over that risk is the only way.

Brand Name: Obviously you’ll show off your phone’s brand logo to everyone around you. And that is not the only thing that makes your device is now understood.

So, I would recommend you to buy a branded smartphone, not the top flagship models only, but even in mid-range, brands are a good option to look at. Never focus on specs only, as they might lead you to darker side. Brands offer you good quality plus tested hardware and that’s why they are expensive. Nowadays all Tom Dick and Harry are coming with flashy specs and big screens and all; check is it really useful to you or not.

Enjoy your tech!

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