Google 2016 Event

On October 4, 2016; Google finally launched its new updated product range for the next year and announced plans that will be implemented this following year. So let’s take a look what Google the tech giant is about to give us this year.

List of products/services Google announced: –

  • Pixel Phone Line-up
  • New Chromecast Ultra with 4K & HDR support
  • New Wi-Fi System
  • Daydream: VR for everyone
  • Google Home
  • Google Assistant

Let’s go one by one in each product/services:

  1. Pixel Phone Line-up: This is the first phone made by Google inside out. Software and hardware both are developed by Google itself. Previously NEXUS line was made with partners; now, Google took one step further and made hardware and software under one roof.
  • Equipped with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 in front, Pixel sibling will come made with aluminium body. On the back of the phone, now NEXUS symbol is replaced by Google’s new bold “G” symbol! On the upper half of the phone there’ll be a partial glass panel. Pixel imprint, fingerprint reader in other words will be hear in the back of the phone. You can even swipe for notifications and do more stuff this time from here as well.
Pixel Colors
Pixel Colors
  • With fast charging, Google claims that you’ll be able to charge your Pixel to work for 7 hours in just 15 minutes. Both the Pixels will have bigger batteries this time, with 2770 mAh battery on Pixel and 3450 mAh on Pixel XL. With 4GB LPDDR4 RAM on board with Snapdragon 821 processor, Pixel will be one of the fastest Android this year with great performance. Storage options will remain 32Gb or 128Gb.
  • Pixel will come with 5” FHD display and Pixel XL will rock 5.5” a QHD display. Both the phones will come with 12.3MP rear camera having f/2.0 & 1.55-micron pixel size. Camera software will give RAPID FIRE mode, in that you can take multiple shots by continuously pressing shutter button and phone will decide and select the best picture available. Google claims 89 score on DxOMark mobile score for its camera. Biggest thing offered by Google here with Pixel device is UNLIMITED STORAGE SPACE for photos and videos for Pixel owners.
Pixel (sailfish) in Black
Pixel (sailfish) in Black
  • 7.1 Android Nougat update will be featured on Pixel brothers with new level security update. Updates will be made an easier task, as phone will download and install updates itself in the background without interrupting your actions.
  • Duo and Allo will come pre-installed in the box so that you can stay in touch with all your Android or iOS friends.
  • Price: 57,000/- for the base model in India. Device will come in 2 colours ‘Very Silver’ and ‘Quite Black’. Plus, Blue special edition colour will make way to India is not sure!
  1. Chromecast Ultra: New Chromecast will be called Chromecast Ultra. This time Chromecast Ultra will stream 4K and UHD files. New Chromecast is faster with better Wi-Fi connection. First time Google added Ethernet support in it.
  • Google Chromecast Ultra will work with Google Home. So when you arrive home and say “Okay Google play Jungle Book Trailer on TV”, your Chromecast will start playing that video on TV via YouTube!
  • Price: $69 in US, and Chromecast Ultra will be made available in 15 more countries after launch.
  1. New Wi-Fi system: For fast signals in every room of your home, Google has a new Wi-Fi solution for you! In normal Wi-Fi system you get centralized router and that spread signal across your home. But problem with that is wall thickness, distance and other factors can affect the performance.
Google Wi-Fi coverage
Google Wi-Fi coverage
  • For larger homes, Google is offering this new Wi-Fi system, where you will have to add Google Wi-Fi ports that connects with each other and spread stong network across your home. This system is called Mesh Wi-Fi.
  • Controlling whole system is also easy, simply download companion app on iOS or Android platform. You can even pause data on selected devices, say you can control your children using network for longer times. Controlling bandwidth is also easy task, so you can decide which device will consume which amount of data.
  • Price: $129 for single pack and $299 for three pack. So if you have a small house or a huge one, Google Wi-Fi will satisfy your needs.
  1. Daydream: VR for Everyone: High quality mobile VR for everyone is the key focus of this product. Pixel will be the first device to support DAYDREAM VR!
  • The Daydream bundle will have VR headset and controller in it. Made with soft and breathable fabric, it will be 30% lighter than similar products available in market. Auto alignment system will be standard so you won’t have to worry about any cables or connectors. VR headset will work with every size.
Daydream VR colors
Daydream VR colors
  • With the help of controller, you can play Games, Draw, Write and do a lot more. Basically controller will be your hand held interaction device. And you won’t have to worry about losing it as it will sit inside headset while not in use.
  • YouTube, 360 videos, Street view will work fine with it. Suppose you open TajMahal or Pyramid street view and can feel it like you are there.
  • Price: $79 in US
  1. Google Home: A smart solution to make your home smarter. Google Home is just another Bluetooth Speaker type of thing, but it will do things much more than just playing songs. Just say “Okay Google” and then say whatever you want, like play music, artist, videos or anything and Google Home will play things via PlayMusic, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube. Much more apps and optimization is on the way.
  • Get real time answers by asking questions. Think of a situation where you are preparing pasta for dinner and want to know recipe, ask Google Home by saying Okay Google how to make pasta and it will give you answer by opening a YouTube video on TV, as you can connect your Chromecast with it!  Want to play song while in bedroom while reading a book? Say Okay Google Play Music and relax in your seat while reading a good book. You can even translate phrases or do simple math problems with it.
Google Home options
Google Home options
  • Setting calendar events or knowing flight status is also made easy. Setting timers for activities is also an easy task.
  • Automatic controls can be taken over Philips Hue lights, Nest, Samsung SmartThings etc. More controls will arrive soon. With minimal design and colour options, Google Home is a great solution to add some flavour in your home.
  • Price: $129 in US
  1. Google Assistant: As you might have used google assistant in Allo app, it’s a smart interactive software that talks with you and interact with you! Google Assistant will come inbuilt in Pixel devices. Long press home key or say Ok Google to activate it.
  • It’ll be just your personal assistant, you can fit it in your pocket and do so many things from getting answers of questions to fixing events and many more!

So these were Google’s new products and services.

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