Intex 11000mAh Power Bank:Review

At AutoLogyGeeks we took a look at Intex ITPB11K power bank. It’s one of the most famous Power Banks in India as it’s been here in Indian market since quite a lot time and is really a value for money product at an affordable price point.

Looking at the specifications, it has 11,000 mAh of battery backup! Which is more than enough to charge this generations’ standard 5.5 inch display devices. It weighs around 280gms and has a case of good quality plastic. ¬†Build quality is better than most available devices in the same category.

Powerbank comes with 3 output USB ports, and sorry but there isn’t any USB type-C here. Cable provided in the box is pretty standard USB to micro-USB cable. Length wise it’s about 6-7 inches. On the top there is a emergency LED light that could be triggered with pressing the power button twice. And with that LED light, there is input micro-USB port to charge your Power Bank!There are 4 blue colored LEDs, which shows how much juice is left in there!

Over all it’s a good product to own if you are in market with budget of around 900 rupees in hands.

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