Pulsar 220: The Fastest Indian

Pulsar has always been a youth attracting, sporty and adrenaline surging bike in India, let me correct it, “sports bike” in India.

The Love Factors:-

  1. A powerful 21.04 bhp@8500rpm & 19.12Nm torque @7000rpm motor
  2. Sporty looks (it’s my personal opinion)
  3. Tested and reliable DTS-i (digital twin spark ignition) engine with oil+ air cooling mated with sleek 5 speed gearbox.
  4. Packed with gizmos like Projector head lights, LCD speedometer with old school big Tachometer, auto off side signals, Dual disc brakes, full LED tail lamps, shift lights, inter-cooler etc..
  5. A sports bike when you want it and a highway cruiser when you need it with 15+3.5L petrol tank. Your Girlfriend is going to like the spacious rear seat.
  6. Ergonomics of the bike is very high, rider and passenger seats are wide and supportive.
  7. Hard rubber tires make it go anywhere bike.
  8. Be gentle on the throttle and you can achieve mileage up to 42kmpl.
  9. A perfect value for money bike at an aggressive price point below 1 lakh.

The Hate Factors:-

  1. Vibration from engine, though it’s less but sometimes noticeable.
  2. Small RVM (rear view mirrors) makes see your shoulders only not useful.
  3. Absence of ABS is let down to safety in a country full of some idiot drivers.
  4. Engine oil leakage, heating of engine, less high speed stability above 120km/hr.
  5. Weak service from Bajaj.
  6. Plastic quality is not up to the mark in some areas.

Some Pictures…


pulsar 220


Front has a unique identity with some dual projector head lamps, again a golden calliper by BYBRE, an exhaust pipe coming out of engine like a powerful elephant is showing off its trunk. An inter-cooler is provided below the petrol tank. Tank itself is very huge with 15L + 3.5L reserve capacity, which will give you long rides without frequent pauses for fueling.

Pulsar 220 wallpaper

Posing with Cousin Duke200.

Pulsar220 and Duke200

This is not the top speed of the bike still this shows that bike is capable of going high speeds and stay there for long periods without sweating breath.

Pulsar 220 top speed



Some Points to give attention-

  • Black, Black and Red (wine), Black and Blue, Black and White are main colour options to choose from.
  • Rev limiter or so called red line is given at 10,000rpm.
  • 4000rpm is the line where you can shift up gear and no odd sound from engine will come.
  • Crossing the 5500-6000 rpm and the surge of power will come in your hands to make you feel LIKE A BOSS.
  • 100 km/hr comes in 10.5 sec.
  • Brakes lakes initial bite but you can get used to it with time and practice.
  • Bajaj provides auto off side lights, so don’t worry if you forget to shut them off, bike will do the job done for you.
  • Seats are comfortable and able to handle any height of rider. (Sitting backwards will give you leaning down sporty position, sitting in middle makes you feel like riding a cruiser motorcycle.)
  • 20W50 mineral oil gets the job done. Even cheap to buy. Oil capacity is 1.4L.
  • Speedometer lights up and the Tachometer needle completes its round from 0-12000rpm to give you a salute every time you switch on the keys.
  • Engine kill switch lets you shut the bike off in stop and go condition.
  • NO KICK provided, yes, only SELF STARTING.
  • In cold conditions, auto choke helps engine to go and stay on 4000rpm to let it have the steady state temperature to work.



If you are in market to buy a bike which will serve you  as a urban commuter for daily work, a weekend cruiser, a bike that can give you thrill on highway; this is the bike that you should go with. With an amazing packaging in offer and a great value for money aspect at just around 1 lakh rupees, this is really a bike to buy.

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