How to buy a NEW Car?

Formerly, cars were used for only transportation and convenience. Eventually, cars became more affordable and need to every family. In this article we are discussing about how to buy a new car? What are the steps to buy a perfect car? How to get the best value from money spent by you?

Let’s discuss some steps!

  1. Prepare a check-list at home

Before diving in the pool of car market first prepare yourself that what are your wants and needs? Note down all the questions and current available models that fit in your needs. Do a small survey on internet according to your requirements.

  • Which body style?

Always be clear! Ask your-self how many passengers will be there for most of the time? Do you need luggage space? Any special purpose use like going off-road or luggage transferring? Do you need extra ground clearance? Are you going to drive the car yourself or you have a driver?

  • Petrol or Diesel?

This question’s answer can be seen here!

  • Budget

Decide your budget. Take 50,000-1,50,000 rupees plus or minus. This variation should be set according to your convenience. This gap should be considered as you may end up deciding a car by your heart that may exceed the range of your budget.

Plan your yearly investments in maintenance. If you are going for companies like VW, Skoda etc. you’ll need to pay more money per year than those Maruti, Hyundai cars. Even diesel car’s maintenance is costlier than petrol one’s.

  • New or old?

If you have decided your budget, you can choose the cars that are falling in that range. Old luxury cars may fall in that price range and you can buy a car in good condition and have more fun than the same range’s new car.

However old cars are not advisable for most of the time as you can end up buying a lemon. A fresh car at least gives you peace f mind as it will be more reliable.

  • When?

Plan your buying time. Try not to buy cars in December as you will end up buying a car having a year old purchase date in just next month, so that will be difficult for you when you get in the market to sell it.

  1. What to look?
  • Safety first

Never ever consider outside looks as your first preference at all. See all the safety features in the car. Look for airbags and ABS systems. More than 2 airbags will be cherry on cake. If salesperson says that ABS are not mandatory, avoid that nonsense person’s opinion as they have to sell models which are not sold in higher numbers and they’ll do anything to convince you. ABS is useful in any kind of road situations and not only on higher speeds or long distance travelling.

  • Does it satisfy all your needs?

Make a checklist of what you want? Mark small small details like does it have bottle holders? Does it have space for 3 people in backseat? Is it having enough storage space? Etc.

  • Market analysis

See all the alternatives and options. Contact current owners that if the car is good and reliable or not?

  • Manufacturer’s background

Don’t go with those whose customers have reported a lot of niggles and complaints. Avoid those who doesn’t give good after sales, as buying car is one thing, living with it is another.

You can check that manufacturer’s social media page and see the comment sections that what its customers think about that particular brand.

Do not consider a media review as an assured advice. As it may not fit in your criteria and you end up buying a car that you don’t love.

  • Aesthetics and other things

See all the colour options, other body details and looks at the last step. As looks doesn’t guaranty you the perfect car. Compare all the features with competition and get bang for your bucks.

  1. Latest generation and manufacturing date
  • Don’t go for an old version

Choosing a car which is in market for more than 3-4 years should be avoided. As in a product life cycle, company may get fresh changes and new features, sometimes a whole new car in the same segment or a replacement for that model in near future.

If dealer is offering high cash bonus or discount on and old car, say no! It would be so difficult to find parts for an old car in the market which was a flop or got too old.

  • Always take fresh stock

Try to buy car which is just 2-6 months old rolled out from factory. See the manufacturing date and detail by VIN number. VIN number will provide you all the needed information. Buying a car with a year old manufacturing date will lead you in pain while selling it.

  1. Don’t get driven on wrong track

Salesman will try to take you on wrong track by showing superior features of the car that is not selling well. Don’t get driven wrong. Stay on your decision; think twice before taking offer thrown in front of you.

Double check your decision before buying.

  1. Choose authorized dealers and service centers

Don’t go with unauthorized guys to save small amount of money. Fake bills and documents will not get helpful while claiming insurance or other things. And those can sell you old cars with new parts and fake registration. So at the end of the day you’ll have to suffer all the pain.

  1. Take multiple test drives

Drive the test vehicle in your surroundings, so that you can get idea of ride quality. Go to those places where you have faced problem in your old vehicle like steep inclined places or tall speed bumps.

Go with some stuff like a 1L bottle, pen drive, and some small stuffs so that you can check all the storage spaces in car and quality of stereo etc.

Go on open roads to see high speed behavior and in traffic to see the convenience. Park the car at your parking spot and see does it fit properly?

  1. Consider all the buying options before making a deal
  • Other companies

Don’t get stick to a single company; try all different brands in the same segment. So that you can get idea about what are other companies offering at the same price range. And can compare the ride quality even quality.

  • Other financial support from other bank

Check EMI options and percentage of interest from all the reputed banks. If the car manufacturer is offering loan, compare it with other banks and choose the best option to go with.

  • Different dealer or salesperson

Get quotation form other dealers in town as well for same car so you can avail the best deal for your pocket.

You can try changing salesperson that will lead you to higher discounts and offers.

  1. Finance

Now financing your car is an important thing. Are you going to opt for Loan or Lease? Make a decision according to your job status.

  1. Extra things to take with car
  • Insurance

Many people make a mistake by taking insurance offered by the dealer. What happens is they give you flashy quote like this much discount and that discount on accessories. But at the end of the calculations you will be able to gain more benefits from outside insurance most of the time.

  • No claim bonus

Most of the people do not know that they can carry forward their no claim bonus of old car to their next car’s insurance. If your previous car was booked on X name, then you can get the NCB to your next car booked for same X name.

  • Zero depreciation insurance

Cars which cost more have expansive parts in them. Zero dep. insurance does not have a dramatic price difference compared to normal insurance. But, zero dep. insurance will give you peace of mind as it won’t cut a lot of money while repairs.

  • Extended warranty

When you buy a car with warranty around 3 years or 1,00,000 km; you can extend it to next one or two years. If you are someone who loves to modify their vehicles and those power updates, don’t waste money on extended warranty as it won’t be calculated as soon as you modify your car.

  • Accessories

Floor mates, seat covers, mud guards can be purchased at dealer level. Don’t take unnecessary things like body styling kits and useless stuff.

  • Road-side assistance

This is not a mandatory option if you do not go on highways and long trips frequently. But if you are buying a luxury car, you can opt for this so you won’t get stuck in the middle of the road and can get reliable backup anywhere anytime.

  1. Exchanging old car

Never ever tell them that you want to exchange your old car in the first visit. If they will come to know that you want an exchange offer then they will give minimum price for old car and take maximum price for new product. After finalizing all the rates and things, ask them to evaluate your car.

Always perform a Pre-Delivery Inspection of car and never forget to do a small Post Delivery Checking of car, too.

When you get your car allotted in the dealer yard, go there and see every details. Check all the lights and electronic things are working or not? See paint finishing and is there any dent? Check the VIN number to conform that car is not old. Check all the small small details in the car, it may take 1-2 hours to inspect the whole car, but when you are investing in 6-7 digits, you can give that much time for that at least.

On the day of delivery, you might be in hurry and jumping because of the happiness, but never forget to check the car after the delivery process too, as you leave the dealer’s place, they won’t let you blame them for mistakes.

Be safe! Rev hard!

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