Petrol vs Diesel vs CNG: What To Buy?

Indian buyers are getting smarter day by day. They want everything in their cars at an affordable price. Now when a potential buyer steps in to car market, there are some questions like which body type? Which brand? Which fuel type? Should it be new or a second hand one? So today we are trying out petrol  vs CNG vs diesel.

Now, leave all the questions for next time, let’s discuss today’s hot topic. Should one buy a petrol car or a diesel car? Or should someone install a CNG kit in their petrol car or not?

As we know if a petrol car has a price tag of ₹X for a model, it will cost approximately 1-1.5 lakhs more for same car’s diesel variant and a CNG kit ranges from ₹28,000-45,000. And the company fitted CNG kits are safe as they have to obey all the regulations and terms that the Government has ordered to follow. The kits you get from other garages and dealers aren’t that safe.

Let’s look over some current scenario

*Petrol price = ₹78

*Diesel price = ₹78

*CNG price = ₹55 (approximated prices taken)

Taking a little help from math; let us assume our yearly mileage is around 10,000 km. If you take efficiency of a petrol car around 18 kmpl, diesel’s 20 kmpl and CNG’s 23 kmpl, we finally end up using about ₹43,333 in petrol, ₹39,000 in diesel and ₹24,000 in CNG car.

If we double up the mileage to 20,000 km, then ₹86,666 for petrol, ₹78,000 in diesel and ₹48,000 for CNG.

So, let us count difference for petrol and diesel for 10,000 km= ₹4500 and for 20,000 km= ₹8600

For petrol and CNG difference for 10,000 km= ₹19,300 and for 20,000 km= ₹38,600


If you have mileage of 20,000 km per year, you’ll need approximately 17 years to cover that 1-1.5lakh rupees extra paid over a petrol car to buy you diesel mile muncher. Don’t even consider diesel if your mileage is less than 15,000 km per year as then you will need many more years to cover that gap of petrol and diesel car price.

Similarly, for CNG kit you are paying around ₹35,000, so for 20,000 km per year, you’ll able to cover that price within one and a half year and calculating on 10,000 km per year.

Final verdict:

Diesel vs Petrol:

For taxi drivers and regular long distance travelers, Diesel cars are best as they drive their cars for long terms and efficiency of diesel is higher than petrol so you will not need to stop frequently to fill up diesel at pumps and it will not dig a large hole in your pocket.

  • Diesel cars come with good suspensions as they have to accommodate higher weight than the petrol ones so they give better ride quality compared to petrol cars.
  • But always remember that you will have to spend more on diesel car every year for maintenance.
  • Diesel cars add more CO2 and NOx in atmosphere which pollutes air and it is ultimately dangerous for health.

CNG vs Petrol:

If you travel intercity regularly and daily travel is around 45 km, so you can go for CNG kit. Equally they will help you to save money after 2 years of installation.

  • However CNG car needs to get refuelled its tank after around 120-150km so they are not good for long distance tours as you’ll need to find pumps regularly.
  • Even CNG car loses its pickup and power around 3-10%, so for enthusiast drivers it won’t be fun. CNG kits eat up luggage space and family travellers have to suffer for that.
  • Factory made car’s suspension are not designed to accommodate that extra load of car.

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