How Free Games Make Money

Pokémon-GO is breaking all the records in downloads and revenue making. Normal people like you and me always wonder that how these free apps and games in your smartphone’s Appstore and Playstore make money for them. I mean they are not doing it just to make us happy! Then How Free Games Make Money?

There is a word in electronic category, called “FREEMIUM”. It’s a category for those apps and games which are free to download and install but makes money by a phenomenon called “in app purchases”. So for a user, it’s like going to eat pizza and getting base for free, but sir do you want toppings and cheese over it? Please pay to get that or deal with your base only. Free apps have started wiping market of premium paid games. So it’s an obvious question that how they make money? Let’s talk about that now.

Pokémon-Go, Clash Of Clans, Clash Royale, Candy Crush are various games, which have made to editor’s choice category and have 4+ star ratings by users worldwide. Now how they make money is a great thing to know. What they did is changed whole gameplay. You enjoy the game in beginning and get addicted to it in just few minutes. Then real game of money kicks in! In the strategy category games, you start building various things in the game and in beginning time taken to create that thing is in seconds and sometimes they give you free gold bars and few extra credit points to build things in game faster. Eventually you move ahead and get level ups in game. So the higher the level goes, longer the waiting time grows. And it becomes a headache situation, getting stuck on the same level for a long time or waiting for work to get done irritates normal humans. So at this moment, Game Developers are attacking your mind instead of your pockets directly. They won’t ask you to pay for it, they’ll show you short cuts to minimize that time or escape that situation by using Gold Bars, Special Candies, Diamonds and what not. But wait, they are just in too low on quantity, you have to buy more from playstore/appstore.

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So just by doing some changes in gameplay, they will be able to get some cash out from your pocket. The process of paying money to Game Developers is as easy as cutting piece of butter via a hot knife. Your card information and identity is already there in your mail account and phone memory, you just click Yes Proceed To Payment and boom, other things will be taken care by your cell phone itself. To confuse customers, developers have introduced multi layered cash conversion. So to buy coins in the game, which actually buy you things in game, you use something different like GOLD BARS or GREEN NOTES, but to buy those GOLD BARS or GREEN NOTES, you have to spend real cash. So conversion like $5 for 355 GREEN Notes and then you get 791 Gold Coins by converting 61 Green Notes to Coins, finally can you guess how much $$ one gold coin costs? Me neither! So these conversions make people think less and go ahead with what they want.




Replacing real currency with virtual one gives them to take control over your mind. As you might think you are not using real currency for entertainment as game was free and you are playing well, but hey, you just paid some real money through your card. Even paying with cards make one feel less painful as in hard cash, you can feel amount of money in hands, like holding 10notes of $100 will make you think that you are holding a lot of money, but paying through Cards will not let you understand how much it actually costed to your account.  So technically Developers introduced inconvenience to your gameplay and you bought convenience from them. And to make sure that you get stuck or make sure that you pay money, they check and update games and gameplay regularly, like when you took most time in a level, where did you stopped game, where did you tried quit trying and get data of those features that a person might love to purchase to escape that task. When they track your activities and find out that why you are not paying and reasons, they offer you discounts before you uninstall the game after getting upset.


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There are not a lot of people who buys convenience from them but they don’t stop trying as that 3-4% population can make them rich. Looking at practical side, they have to pay for their servers, they have staff for coding and things which has to be paid by them so if they make games free to download, they have to get money in other ways. Some Games/Apps are far away from fun but they are made for fan-guys so they withstand in Paid market.

So before you actually buy something in in-app purchase, always remember it is not you: it is developer who made you click that “Confirm this purchase button”! So, to save your money, you can switch to next game, meanwhile time will flow and your lives/fuel bars will get full or your clan army will come alive.


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