18 Tips For How Not To Ride: Motorcycle Safety

Sometimes we need to learn the basics to ride a motorcycle, but in that same case we miss out that how we should not ride a motorcycle. So, you can use these tips for motorcycle road trip or events in the future.

  • Revving The Cold Engine: Never ever rev your cold engine just after starting the motorcycle. Let engine get warmed up to its optimum running temperature by itself. When engine and engine-oil become hot enough, start riding slowly and then you can pull out the power from your beast.
  • Breaking City Speed Limits: Try to stay within the safe speed limits in the city area where there could be a teenager walking down the road with his/her all attention in his/her phone, and you can fall in an accident situation without your fault.
  • Street Racing: There are some tracks and highways available in every country without speed limits, never try to top speed your bike in streets even it’s midnight or there’s no one on the road! Street racing is not only dangerous for you but can harm innocent people and may lead you behind the bars.
  • Being Valentino Rossi: Let track speed and actions stay on tracks. Cutting corners on high speeds and overtaking people with small distance is illegal on roads. First, understand your own and machine’s limits, then try out various tricks on a safe environment.
  • Leaning On The Corners: Race tracks have well designed and good conditioned corners, so if you try leaning on regular roads with your regular commuting machine, you might end up in the dust! MotoGP bikes and other higher capacity bikes come with soft compound tires on the edges, that helps to keep proper traction on the roads.
  • Start Flying As Soon As You Leave Home: Not only engine, motorcycle tires also need proper temperatures to work well on the roads. Ride slowly for a couple of miles to let your tires get warm enough to give you proper traction which will help you to get maximum grips on roads. Riding in the zigzag pattern also works well to warm tires up, or you can buy tire warming kits if you are living in cold regions.
  • Riding With Chain Noise: Never drive extensive distances with chain tak-tak sound. Lube your chain or take it to a knowledgeable mechanic to resolve the problem of tight or loose chain. A dry chain may get damaged if ridden in long rides.
  • Avoiding Engine Tik-Tik Sound: This might be the bell for you to change oil or poor quality petrol. Tik-Tik sound may be the alarm for engine knocking! Service the bike, change engine oil, see if there is an overheating problem, change engine coolant.
  • Just Topping Up Oil, Not Changing It: Changing oil of engine after a given period of time is as important as bathing every day. Old burnt oil may affect to performance of your engine over a long period of time.
  • Ignoring Small Technical Checks: Check all small technical things regularly. Like oil levels, front and rear brake pads, brake fluid, engine cooling fluid, tire tread depth, wheel alignment, battery voltage, electrical things like headlamps, stop lights, turn signals etc.
  • Avoiding Riding Gears For Small Rides: Never forget to wear at least helmet even if you are going for a short spin. Head injuries are very difficult to cure. For long and fast rides, always wear a full riding safety kit from helmet to gloves and riding boots.
  • Listening To Music On Headphones: Listening to music might sound cool but that may distract you from your speed and surrounding situations, which may lead you to the worst conditions.
  • I Don’t Need Rear View Mirrors: They are your best friends when it comes to safety, while on track or highway you may need to find out who is right behind you and turning a face with the helmet is so stupid that you might have experienced.
  • Ignoring Rust: Ignoring rust on chassis or anywhere on the bike can lead you part failure or value loss.
  • Hitting Front Brakes While Turning: A front powerful disc will throw you out of the corner if you apply intense brakes while being in the corner!
  • Twisting Throttle Full In the Corner: Again of the biggest mistakes is giving unstable throttle input in corners. If your bike has a traction control system and other electronics to make you safe, try it on safe conditions, or else for smaller bikes, learn things and try them. Try to change gears and apply brakes to come in your comfort speed; practice and give time to yourself.
  • Let’s Test The Top Speed: Going fast on illegal speeds gives so much fun to any human but practice and increase speed as per your limits. Sometimes not only bikes but rider’s brain need time to reach the top speeds.
  • Abusing Co-Drivers/Riders: Never get angry on the wheels, make yourself a calm person to enjoy rides.

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