Pro RoadTrip Tips

Destination is just a place, real fun is always in journey..

Thousands of vehicle lovers take their rides on long and short road trips. This article will help you to do preparations for your trips like a pro.

    • Make a proper plan:- Unplanned trips are fun but they can turn into nightmare. So before going out, make a proper plan where you want to go, when and how.
    • Get directions:- In this modern computer age, you have access to many gadgets and equipment that can show you maps. For an example, you can download offline maps from Google or can install other offline map solutions in your cells. Take a pen and paper out and note down key locations that can be used in an emergency situation.
    • Prepare your ride:- Select your ride according to your comfort. Check all fluid levels like oil, coolant, washer fluid etc. Check air pressure in all the tyres and top up air in spare tyre. Take ride for short spin and check the condition of brakes and all.
    • The must haves:- Always carry licence, RC book, Pollution certificate, insurance papers with you.
    • When to leave?:- Try to leave early in the morning, so that you won’t get stuck in rush hour office traffic and would be out of city before that. Try not to choose night driving as it can make you more tired.
    • Know your ride:- You are not going for racing, so understand your car’s dynamics and limits and stick to them. Open roads can give you freedom to floor the accelerator paddle but if you have small cars, it would be difficult for you to make it stationary from triple digit speeds.
    • Know yourself:- Every person have their limits, understand that by practicing. Take small brakes within 1.5-2 hours, in that time take a small walk around or try to get 10-15 min nap. Always choose clean and good hotels so that women with you can feel safer. Turn on fresh air button in AC which let fresh air from outside in, which makes you feel good.
    • Pit-stops:- Mark petrol pumps and small food outlets where you can stop time to time to make yourself comfortable and relaxed.
    • Make yourself comfortable:- Drive in simple clothes that can allow you to move and react as fast as possible in any conditions. Wear only those footwear that are comfortable with paddles.
    • Music is the therapy:- Never forget to have source of good music in car, so that you can never feel alone or tired. Sing along, you are the owner of the car.
    • Water and food:- Always have minimum 2L water in car with you. It could be useful on unwanted situations. Drinking water while behind the wheel will make you feel good. Have chocolates and dry fruits with you that can make you feel fresh.
    • Learn basic DIY:- Learn to change tyres, top up fluids etc. have torch and window breaking hammer in car.
    • Respect roads and others:- Never get angry behind the wheels. Stay calm, learn to respect roads and other drivers.
    • Contact:- Always inform your last or current location to your dear ones time to time. Put their number in speed dial.

Small points to be taken care of:

  1. Never ever multitask or use cell phone while driving.
  2. Never use wrong side of the road.
  3. Always wear seatbelts or helmets.
  4. Do not use high beams for continuous driving, it may make the person coming from front blind for a little time, this situation may lead you in major accident.
  5. Never break law.
  6. Do not over speed or race on public roads.
  7. In a situation of traffic, keep your vehicle in the same lane or left most lane, don’t act stupid by going in front of the forthcoming traffic.

Enjoy the drive. Rev hard, stay safe!

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