Should You Buy A Royal Enfield?

Royal Enfields are not for a particular age section. Every next person sitting next to you want to own them. So we are discussing today that should you buy a Royal Enfield or not! Let’s start with positive aspects of owning a RE first and then we will move to Negative stuff!

  • Reasons to buy one!
  1. Royal street presence: Whenever you just pass by any street or place, people actually look at you, which basically it feels good as every person wants attention! Retro styling and cool all around styling makes it look nice every time you see one.
  2. Build quality (Engine): Royal Enfield engines are just built nicely, they don’t die so quickly. One of the best things in bike is engine and that’s why you buy them.
  3. Engines: As we know that RE engines are bulletproof, we should also know that these bikes were made to do a lot of touring. Both 350cc and 500cc engines have great amount of torque, you just twist the throttle and bike pulls you. Although bikes doesn’t produce jaw dropping power, but they have enough torque to take you anywhere.
  4. Driver’s saddle: The best place to be on a RE bike is always the driving saddle. It feels relaxing and good for touring. And when everyone is looking at your bike, you won’t go unnoticed on driver seat!
  5. Shapes and styling: The only reason this brand is successful in Indian market is its looks. No matter how dated the styling is, these are the only bikes around that never felt old enough. Tank shapes and handlebar positioning just makes things better.
  6. Customizable: Go to any online store or any near market, you will find maximum accessories available for RE bikes, it’s just like iPhone of bikes! From fancy exhaust pipes to tank guards to luggage stands, you just say it and market has it.
  7. Stable: Every coin has two sides and weight of any Royal Enfield is just like coin having positive and negative effect on it. First side is positive and that gives it stability. Going on long highway runs, bike will move without moving here and there.
  8. Resale value: When you think now it’s time to move to other product, you can get good value.
  9. RE Events: Buying a RE will make you eligible to ride in Rider’s Mania and many RE organized events.

So after discussing almost all the positive points of buying a RE, let’s move to negative things now!

  • Reasons not to buy one:
  1. Material quality: Engines are great but the main problem is the body panels and parts used are literally cheap! You can find rust on various parts, though fit and finishing is good at some parts, but you can manage to see cheap works on some places. Cables and welding marks are visible here and there!
  2. Ride quality: you’ll enjoy the ride but you won’t love it on your long tours, after 60+km ride you’ll feel to step out of bike. On long and open highway straights a person won’t be able to get bike going above 80-90kmph+ speeds. Vibrations are continuous above 70kmph speed but you will not feel good to pull bike over 80+kmph speeds; although bike’s top speed is ranged above 100+kmph.
  3. Vibrations: After you get used to the bike, you’ll not feel good riding it with heavy vibs. As the speed increases the vibs also goes up!
  4. No tubeless tyres on offer (period): No tubeless tyres means less bullet-proofing on tours. If you get a puncture, you have to get some pretty stupid ideas to take it to a repair shop.
  5. Unnecessarily heavy: The second side of weight is here, you drive any other modern bikes, and you don’t feel weight when standing in traffic. But it’s opposite in RE bikes, they feel unnecessarily heavy and stupid.
  6. Mileage: One of the desired problems is mileage, bigger capacity engine without any optimization and old-school technology in hand may give you surprise on the way to your office.
  7. Gears and clutch: Changing a gear on RE takes little more effort than your regular bike. Clutch feel is not continuous, clutch is heavy and it can get sudden engagement with engine.
  8. Next to zero comfort on passenger seat: (for classic models): Front and rear seats are set on same level, so the person who sits behind you must keep his/her feet wide open and that means all the weight of pillion will go on their hip bone, which is a big problem while you are on long trip.
  9. Slow: People says you don’t buy RE to ride hard and fast, but I guess when you buy a bike, at least it should be able to travel highways a little fast at constant speed so you can save time. 90+ kmph speeds is just danger zone in REs!
  10. Unreliable: You can’t find any RE owner saying “No bro! I ain’t good any problem with my bike.” You’ll definitely make a mechanic friend near your home.
  11. Noisy: Engine noise is good to hear, but that continuous dug dug sound is not at all fun to hear all day long on move. In city and short rides it feels so good, but while riding for more than 6 hours, it feels so annoying even with stock exhaust.
  12. Brakes: A heavy bike and rear drum, I mean you will be able to slow down and stop at lower speeds, but on highway speeds, you have to apply them before time.
  13. Waiting period: As RE styling is never getting old, people are still buying them even they have so many problems.
  14. Service issues: You go to service center with 9 problems and come back with 13 more.

So as you can see that there are less points in positive department but if your heart says your next bike should be RE, then take it. Otherwise hate it and move to other more value for money bikes. At that same pricing, you can get better things on planet!

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  1. The disadvantages which you have enlisted… of which few are true but the rest though true can be resolved. The rusting issues can be overcome by either painting the area or by other methods. The thumping of the engine does not come in stock. The stock silencers are too silent that you wouldnt distinguish one in a ride pack. The noisy silencers are aftermarket accessories. Enfield is meant for cruising and cruising limits the speed to the range of 60kmh to 85 kmh. Enfield is not meant for riding at 90kmh and above though they can top it at 120 kmh. Overall the bike’s condition and performance depends on how you ride it. Ride it in a classy and a royal manner, you will realize that the name is promising. If you wish to speed down the pavement, then you are done for. Your bike will definitely bid a farewell to your riding days.

    1. Bhargav Patel says:

      Totally agree with you sir! But then you get a bike ranging from 1.4-2.2 lakhs, you expect something from it. Obviously, REs are made to ride in a royal manner, but for actual motorcycling nerds, bikes are not meant to keep within city limits, you take them on long rides, abuse them for some amount of fun! Again while on tour, think you’re going on 500km day ride, then you’ll have to spend more hours to clear them. These are only my opinions, may differ from you sir.

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