How To: Test Drive A New Car?

Cars are not just to take people from place A to place B; they show status and character of the owner. However, your dream car can become a devil for you in day to day life if you haven’t tested it as per your requirements. So we are talking about how to test drive cars which gives you most value and satisfies your all requirements.

  • Take time & do some research at home:

You can visit online review sites and various forums that can give you honest advice. Do remember not to read those websites which shows only positive stuff, nothing is perfect so don’t get stuck in that honey-trap. This will make sure that when you visit dealer, it will be fruitful as you will know what you want!

  • Drive back to back on same day:

Take a day and go to shortlisted car dealerships on same day. This will give you an idea which car has better performance and ride quality. That same day testing will let you compare you better.

  • Don’t get distracted:

Take your friend with you so when you are driving and trying to find out faults in the car, the salesperson will stay busy in talking with your friend.

  • Be clear what you want:

When you step inside car dealership; make decision what you need. Because salesperson will sell you what makes most for him, not what suits you. If you are a family guy, a 2 seater is not for you. If you go country roads often, then high ground clearance car is needed. For long highway runs, sedan is most suitable. So make a wise decision.

  • Focus on your match:

Take a small carry bag with you filled with small small items that you regularly use to go out in car. Like a water bottle, small items like diary, a small chips packet, newspaper and other things, place them in storage spaces in car. That will give you an idea that how much space is there in car, as long trip requires more space to feel more comfortable. Place a small bag or something in the hatch so that you can see what the real space is.

Don’t feel shy doing this as we people check small things with very careful eyes, so before investing huge money in car, be careful!

  • Choose model, trim and powertrain:

Click here, to know what is best for you, petrol diesel or CNG?

If you are going to buy a SUV, then try to get AWD option, as it will allow you go off-roading and you won’t get stuck in somewhere. Try to get top end models if budget allows you, so you won’t miss out any new features.

  • Inspect your ride:

Check body panel gaps and fit and finish both in and outside. Take a look at interior material quality. See paint quality. Try opening and closing doors several times, so you can hear the sound of closure and can decide the finishing.

  • Observe the car in detail:

Small things can become irritating in day to day life usage. Like stiff steering when in daily traffic hours, small fuel tank capacity etc.

  • Door openings and inside space:

Open door wide and see is it easy to get in and out in the car easy or not. Sit in all seats in front and back row to ensure comfort.

  • Go for a spin:

After inspecting car at dealership, get in driving seat and go for a spin in a well-known area. Benefit of going in known area is that, you would be familiar with all the roads, so instead of finding direction, you will be able to concentrate on what’s missing on car.

Adjust seats and steering on best comfort mode, check ABC paddle play and gap. If you are going to spend most of the time in driving seat, better check front seat comfort.

Turn on AC and check its effectiveness.

  • Technology testing:

Try to pair your smartphones and other accessories with car infotainment system, so you can feel good while driving, as now technology is an essential part in our lifestyle, so better check that your gadgets are compactible or not?

  • Car size:

Try to park car in your home garage any other tight parking spot to check the easiness.

Take U-turns, go on corners, don’t go on smooth road, and always try traffic situations.


Have fun! Drive safe!

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