OnePlus X: Review

After the launch of the original flagship killer OnePlus One in 2014, OnePlus again launched a 2015 flagship killer named the OnePlus Two with higher specs and more performance on board again at a reasonable price range. Getting good response and sales, OnePlus now tried to deliver a mid-range phone that offers looks, performance and value.

In October 2015, the ambitious Chinese manufacturer OnePlus came with their new midrange android smartphone called OnePlus X.

OnePlus X Front Black

Out of the box:

A 5 inch AMOLED display with 1080×1920 screen resolution and 441 PPI pixel density. Phone weighs only 138 grams. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection is there in the front side to save your screen! The phone comes in two options. One is Ceramic limited edition version and another one is simple glass back. We have seen such glass back varieties previously in Nexus 4, other Sony smartphones, even last year Samsung gave it to S6!

OnePlus x glass back

How it feels in hands?

As far as the size of the phone goes, it is very easy to handle it single handily unlike other monster sized devices. With a 5” display, this mid-range device is a boon for those who have smaller palms and fingers. You can literally reach all the corners with your thumb. It has become a trend to deliver big display phones nowadays as now people are using their phones for various activities from movie watching to news feed reading and from texting to video calling! But the glass back makes it a difficult task to hold the device comfortably. Though you get metal frame with grooves around the border that help you give some support.

On the left hand side, there is a slider. Which works on three steps; silent, priority notifications only and all alerts. It has pattern, so it doesn’t feel slippery at all.

OnePlus X Left Slider

On the right hand side, you can locate the power button and volume keys. Volume keys on the same side will take time to get used to it.

OnePlus X volume and power keys

Headphone jack is on the top with the secondary microphone. At the bottom, in the centre there is a MicroUSB type 2.0 charging port and loudspeaker, with primary microphone.


OnePlus x bottom

Phone comes with simple presentation and no drama in unboxing the device. You get simple wall charging brick with charging cable, the device itself and simcard ejector tool. Nowadays companies have started giving hybrid sim slots, which will double up as a memory card holder too when you wanted. So, while travelling, you need a roaming sim and you can remove external memory card and use it as a dual sim device. While in daily usage, it will serve you as an external memory card slot. So if you are looking for a dual sim device with extra storage look somewhere else.

Camera performance:

I must mention here that the quality of camera is decent. Both the front and back sensor are pretty average in capturing stills. Low light photography won’t make you go wondering, but in outdoor photography, it will delight buyers. Though there is no drama here like 4K recording, which were on offer with OnePlus One and Two.


OnePlus X is offered with the same processor and GPU offered on OnePlus One two years earlier. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset with Quad-core 2.3GHz Krait CPU and Adreno 330 GPU, this phone is now a mid-ranger, though same performance was offered in flagship killer. As far as the performance of the phone goes, it is good! No major lag or glitches here. The phone runs over Oxygen OS 2.0 based over android lollipop. OnePlus haven’t pushed an OTA update yet for this phone.

OnePlus x screen

Overall performance of OnePlus X is just slightly behind the original flagship killer OnePlus One. The processor on X is 200MHz low and that’s why what looks so thrilling on paper doesn’t excite you in real world scenario.

The screen is a 1080p AMOLED display, which has a good display quality. The black parts of the images are deep. It has super viewing angles, even at the extreme viewing angle, the colours will remain same.

Let’s talk about battery life! With 2525mAh, non-removable battery, you don’t get a last long back up. Though in moderate usage, the battery runs whole day long. But for those guys, who love to do social media all day long and play instance games, the results are not quite good enough. The chipset is now aging, and that’s why, the battery doesn’t last as long as you expect in newer chipset versions. Other competitors provide battery more than 3000mAh nowadays, but with 5” display, this is okay for OnePlus X.

Software observation:

OnePlus claims user interface is just next to the vanilla Android experience but with few tricks over it to enhance user experience with phone. Software I pretty stable and there are no major bugs and problems. All the apps runs very decently, it’s not a flagship killer phone, so you can’t expect much in performance department.

On the lock screen, you can draw V, <, > etc. to toggle various tasks and apps. It offers ambient display, which will show you notifications and missed tasks to you without opening the screen. It’s a major benefit in an AMOLED display. It offers a feature called Shelf, which shows you r recent apps and other stuff.

Final verdict:

What works for?

  1. Good built quality at amazing pricing
  2. Amazing Full HD AMOLED display
  3. For a mid-range phone, performance is on higher side
  4. Size of the phone, software and features

What works against?

  1. After sales will always remain a secrete
  2. Invite system is not at all desirable for enthusiasts
  3. Camera could have been better

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