Modular Phones: Project ARA

Modular smartphones, yes they are arriving in near future! People already got used to changing and upgrading parts in their vehicles and computers. For example, in cars, you can change tyres for better grip levels, in computers and laptops; you can change or upgrade processor and RAM even graphic cards.

It was never same with our favourite handheld smartphones. We have to change them with time as the time passes and we need better processing power and fast things with more space. For instance, previously android phones came with 512MB RAM and now with heavy software and games, people are complaining about their 2GB RAM phones.

In 2012 the concept of Modular phones came in market, where you can change or upgrade phone components as per your requirement. Google named it Project ARA! For example, students will play more games and use lot of social media stuff, so they need better battery and more processing power with good amount of RAM. A businessman will require good battery backup with great connectivity and steady performance. A person who loves to travel will go with DUAL sim slots and good camera. Multimedia guys need good speakers and nice screen. So, why go with mass produced company made phones? Why not tailor made stuff?

Private organizations as well as Google initiated to make phones that could give you inter-changeability and tailor made performance as per your need. In starting phase, a base came, on which you can fix your component and move on, and then you can change it with another one as per occasion. Though that will make phones bulky and look stupid. Better designs are coming and you might get to hold your own modular smart phone in next 2 years.

Why this technology is not arriving fast?

Things will be changed if this kind of technology will arrive in smartphones. When your PC/Laptop get slow, instead of buying new one, you just change or upgrade new components. So, if Project ARA comes to life, people will stop buying new one and will go for accessories. Companies, which are making profits on mass production of phones, will have to go for component things.

Other thing is, smartphone market is still experiencing updates and new researches. So if companies make components on higher numbers, other manufacturers will make newer things and people will go with them! So let’s see, what will come in future. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Modular phones project ara

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  1. Rajsinh Barad says:

    Smartphones which facilitates complete custumization. Great. I accede that people would turn their backs on existing smartphone companies if modular phones arrive with competitive performance & appearance. However, we can not deny the fact that individuals will have to pay hefty cheques to get a hold on these future gizmos.

    1. Bhargav Patel says:

      Agreed! But then you will not find your self buying a new phone every year. You’ll just buy good camera and processors. Let’s see when it comes!

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